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Joomla! is very popular open source software project with wide community of users. Thanks to its licensing conditions (GPL), you do not need to pay for the software itself, which may reduce costs for your website construction. Because the open source nature, it is also possible to customize the code to best suit your needs and requirements. (Please note this may not apply to additional 3rd party components.)

The great advantage is also rich choice from all kinds of plugins that may be further incorporated into the site and again speed-up and reduce costs of the implementation.

Top reasons for using Joomla.

  • Free, open source content management system (CMS)
  • Has a broad user community and thus broad support
  • Used by many official authorities (munincipalities, ministries, big companies)
  • Offers a lot of add-on components and modules
  • User friendly, easy to use
  • Independence on supplier

Joomla! Feature List:-

  • Advanced WYSIWYG editor, almost Word-like
  • Template system
  • add-on components, modules, plugins
  • both frontend and backend administration
  • multiple user access levels
  • easy structure – sections and categories
  • SEO support, search engine friendly URLs
  • protected area for registered users only
  • fully customizable

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